Compostable Sugarcane 50pcs Round Plates 10” | 50 Pcs 5” Bowl |50 Pieces of Each Size | Biodegradable Made From 100% Sugarcane | 150 Wooden Cutlery Set


SKU: 11-MEGN-G366


  • MULTIPURPOSE USED: These plates with bowl can be used to serve hot and cold foods at home or commercial establishments like restaurants and hotels. It can also take the moderate pressure and oily foods without spilling or breaking.
  • SOCIAL GOOD: All manufacturing facilities are verified to have fair-trade practices. Our top suppliers are also women and minority-owned businesses. Our longstanding community and sustainability initiatives aim to empower folks to make the world a better place.
  • COMPOSTABLE PLATE: These plant-based plates and bowl will break down into usable, healthy soil through industrial composting. This is verified by testing the products to ensure they meet the compost ability standard.
  • NON-TOXIC MATERIALS: All products are free from harmful chemicals, plastics or dyes! Plates are BPA-free. They are dyed using a nontoxic elemental-chlorine free process. Party created disposable tableware without the environmental harm of plastic, foam or paper.
  • 100% SATISFACTION: Order now risk-free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! If for any reason you won’t love our plates and cutlery set, you will benefit our Money Back Guarantee – No questions asked!


These biodegradable square plates are also microwave friendly. It allows you to pour the foods at one time and reheat them over and over again.


These biodegradable plates bagasse allow you to reduce your carbon footprint as they pose no threat to the environment and are compostable. After disposal, they can be broken down by biological microorganisms. When disposed of with other compostable materials, these plates will transform into nutrient rich organic materials.


These eco-friendly plates need less storage space than other plates. You can just stack them one over another anywhere. They won’t break easily if accidentally dropped.


As these plates are quite sturdy, they can handle moderate pressure with ease which allows you to make the portions generous. These plates are ideal for serving cold as well as hot foods without any leakage issues. They are also microwave-friendly which allows you to reheat food when needed without the mess of transferring the food from one plate to the other to heat it.


Less Storage Space

Makes Clean Up a Breeze

Good for the Environment

Awesome Size and Quantity

100% made of sugarcane

Can be used for both hot and cold foods

Heavy Duty, Microwave-Safe, Freezer-safe, Oil and Cut-resistant

Plastic-free, elemental chlorine free and no harmful chemicals


Brand: Ecoelegant Tableware

Size: 10inch Pales, 5inch Bowl and 150Pcs Cutlery

Quantity: 50 Pieces of each size

Include: Plates Bowl and cutleries

Material: sugarcane

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